Biotin Rich Foods | 9 Best Biotin Rich Foods For Hair

We will talk about 9 Best Biotin Rich Foods For Hair. Biotin is one type of vitamin and it is important to keep the body healthy and for this we should take care of our food and drink. But some people do not pay attention to food due to wrong lifestyle. Many types of nutrients are found to avoid this, one of them is Vitamin H, which is also known as Biotin.I want to tell you biotin rich foods for hair.Biotin rich food for hair

So here we will talk about foods rich in biotin for hair because biotin is very important for maintaining health of the body. Biotin helps convert food into energy. Biotin is water soluble.

We should eat food containing biotin to maintain the biotin level in our body. Biotin is very important for health. Biotin is found naturally in many vegetables and fruits. Biotin is found in different types of fertilizers, not only maintains  for your health.

But it also takes care of your eyes, skin and hair. Due to the lack of biotin, you may have to face many problems due to the lack of vitamin B 7. In this article we are talking biotin rich foods for hair because these food contains good amount of biotin .

So we talk that often people think that how much amount of biotin should be taken daily, according to the doctor, 5 to 35 micro-grams of vitamin b 7 should be taken in 1 day, the amount of protein per day depends on the age of the person and a person daily can take up to 35 micro-grams of vitamin B 7.

 Biotin Rich Foods For Hair 

There are few biotin rich food for hair due to today’s lifestyle, there is a deficiency of many vitamins and minerals in our body, due to which we have to face many problems, so here we are talking about biotin, due to which hair loss occurs in young age. There is a shortage of hair, we do not know that from which foods there is a lot of source of biotin, so here in the feet I am telling you biotin rich food for hair, which you can easily include in your diet.

Biotin Rich Foods Vegetarian:-


biotin rich foods for hair growth

Spinach is a green vegetable that has many important properties. It contains fol-ate, iron, vitamin A and biotin, for example, in very good amounts, which keep our skin as well as hair and nails strong.


biotin rich foods for hair growth

Avocado is a pear-shaped fruit. Biotin is very abundant in it. You can get 185 mcg of biotin in 200 gm of avocado. By consuming it, the heart also remains healthy and works to increase good cholesterol, that is why avocado helps our body. It is very important to keep healthy, we and you can eat avocado in the form of salad and it is also very beneficial for the eyes.



Broccoli is a delicious vegetable, we can eat broccoli in the form of salad and after frying it in the form of curry and soup etc. Vitamin A C D is found in it. Broccoli also protects our body from dangerous diseases like cancer and high blood pressure. Reduces and also complements the amount of vitamin B 7 (Biotin).

Sweet potato

biotin rich foods for hair growth

Sweet potato is very beneficial for our health, it cures heart diseases, it contains a very good amount of fiber and is also a very good source of biotin. Almonds Almonds are a very good source of protein as well as biotin. The intake of oxygen keeps the enzyme healthy in the body. It proves beneficial in respiratory problems. Nutrients are found in plenty in almonds.



Milk contains calcium and potassium are found in abundance in milk. Milk controls blood pressure. Milk is very beneficial for our teeth. It is found that many diseases do not occur in our body due to its use.


biotin rich foods for hair growth

Cheese strengthens the bones. Eating Cheese also sharpens the mind and also controls the digestive power and weight. Yogurt Yogurt contains live micro organisms which make our digestive system strong and removes the heat of our stomach and stomach. Our digestive system works very well with the use of curd.

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biotin rich foods for hair growth

Banana is one such fruit which is one of the most commonly eaten fruits. Banana contains calcium, phosphorus and protein in very good amounts, apart from this, there is also a quantity of biotin. Banana fills the energy form in our body and beautifies our skin. Yes, you can consume banana in the form of salad or by making juice.


biotin rich foods for hair growth

Apples contain vitamin C, vitamin A and other nutrients. These nutrients increase the immune of our body. Both the peel and the pulp of apple are very beneficial. Eating apple in the morning is very beneficial. It is said that eating an apple daily can stay away from the doctor for a day.

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biotin rich foods for hair growth

Mushrooms are a favorite of many and can be consumed in a variety of ways. Mushrooms provide a healthy dose of biotin.
All the diseases of the heart can be cured by eating walnuts, because omega-3 is found in abundance in walnuts, besides walnuts are also a very good source of biotin, eating walnuts relieves tension.

Biotin Rich Foods Chart










So these are some biotin rich foods for hair which you can include in your daily diet.

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