High Cholesterol-Symptoms,Cause and Avoid foods and Eat food

High Cholesterol:Symptoms,Cause and Avoid foods and Eat foods

Today we will tell you why our cholesterol level is high because many people eating fatty food and he is overweight and does not exercise, if he smokes, drinks alcohol, then he may be at risk of increasing high cholesterol, so today we will tell you how you can make your cholesterol level normal. If you can keep it, then here we are telling you some things to eat and drink, by using which you can keep your cholesterol normal.

Drinking these things with warm water, bad cholesterol will be reduced, consumption will have amazing benefits for health.

1-Garlic and Warm Water:-

Consumption of garlic is very beneficial for you to cure heart-related diseases, if you consume garlic with warm water, it helps in reducing bad cholesterol, apart from this, drinking garlic and warm water helps in constipation. The problem also goes away.

Bad Cholesterol: If bad cholesterol is not reduced in time, it can lead to many major diseases. Let us know which things drinking with hot water helps in reducing cholesterol. 

2-Drinking Warm Water with Honey:-

If you drink two spoons of honey mixed with warm water on an empty stomach every morning, it can reduce your cholesterol level, by doing this your weight will not increase, apart from this, if you want to keep the cholesterol level low, then you should avoid junk food for that. And focus on healthy diet.


3-Turmeric and Warm water:-

Turmeric is full of medicinal properties. If you drink turmeric mixed with warm water, then the cholesterol level remains low and digestion power also improves. Apart from this, drinking turmeric and hot water removes the problem of constipation, turmeric strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of cancer. As You know that Turmeric have inflammatory property.


4-Drink Gaggery (Gur) with Warm Water:-

If you consume warm water with jaggery, it helps in reducing cholesterol and strengthens the immune system. Apart from this, consuming these two together improves digestion.

What should I eat for high cholesterol
  • Many people think that if cholesterol is increasing, then I want to tell you that if your cholesterol level remains high, then
  • you should eat more and more vegetables and along with it,
  • you should also eat fruits wholegrain and eat such foods.
  • Can have protein in very good amount such as fish, seafood, lentils and unflavored milk and healthy fats and oils and spice to flavor foods.

What foods should I avoid if I have high cholesterol

As we told above how cholesterol increases if you also eat fatty food and your weight is too much and do not exercise and you do smoking and drinking alcohol then your cholesterol level can increase and if your cholesterol level If it remains high, today we are going to tell you how you can maintain your cholesterol level, then below are some things to eat and drink, if you follow this, then your cholesterol level can remain normal, apart from this, we will give you Will tell you what foods you should not eat if your cholesterol is high, if your cholesterol is high then you should avoid these foods such as like;-

  • Fat dairy , Whole Milk Butter and Full Fat Yogurt cheese because these foods have High in saturated Fat.
  • Red Meat, Steak Beef, Roast Ground beef because they all have high saturated.
  •  Processed Meats, Fried foods, Eggs, Selfish, Lean Meats, Baked goods and Sweets.                       

Disclaimer: This article is only for knowledge purpose if you have these type of problem then you can consult your doctor.Thank You

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