Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods in India : A Nutritional Guide for Strong Bones and Health

In this article today i will talk about Calcium Rich Foods in India. We all know that there are many sources of taking calcium, but I want to tell you what are the natural sources of calcium rich foods in India  and why calcium is so important for our body, because due to lack of calcium, there are many diseases in our body.calcium rich foods in indiatop-10-calcium-rich-foods-in-india-a-nutritional-guide-for-strong-bones-and-healthtop-10-calcium-rich-foods-in-india-a-nutritional-guide-for-strong-bones-and-health

Such as:

1-Feeling tired, 2-Infertility, 3-Epileptic seizures, 4-Insomnia, 5-Dry skin, 6-High blood pressure, 7-Cataracts, 8-Chest pain, 9-High cholesterol levels, 10-Miscarriage, 11-Numbness in hands, 12-Gum disease, 13-Loss of appetite.

I want to tell friends that if there is a deficiency of calcium in our body, then we need to take care of vitamin D as well. We all know that our body makes many things by itself and what our body does not make by itself. We have to take it from outside, do you know that 99% calcium in our body is in bones and teeth and 1% calcium is in our blood.

If you want to take calcium rich foods in India  from outside, then everyone’s eyes go to milk, eggs and non-veg, and in these also it is said about milk that milk contains the highest amount of calcium, but you will get more calcium than milk and eggs. I am telling about the things that can be found.

According to Dr. Khadir Wali and Dr. Amar Singh Prasad  milk is very harmful, especially for people who are already suffering from cholesterol. Because milk is an animal protein and cholesterol is found in all animal proteins like milk, Cholesterol is found in eggs and non-veg, nothing else has cholesterol.

You will be surprised to know that out of all the heart patients in the whole world, 60% of them are from India. Because cholesterol starts blocking the arteries of our heart and later causes heart attack, due to which a person dies.
Friends, everyone in our society puts a lot of emphasis on drinking milk, have you ever thought that from where do giant animals like elephants and nimble animals like horses take calcium, how strong are their bones? If we take from, I do not mean that we too should not start eating grass. But we can easily include green vegetables and natural foods in our diet.

Seeing all this, I am telling you natural sources

Calcium Rich Foods In India

1- Cabbage – We can eat cabbage in the form of salad and get calcium in abundance.

calcium rich foods in india
2-Coriander – It is a matter of thinking that we cannot eat coriander in good quantity, friends can eat it, it is easily available in the market, it can be eaten easily by adding it to salads and vegetables and can get calcium.

calcium rich foods in india
3- Rajma [Beans] – Rajma and rice have such a good relationship and how tasty it is to eat. We can also get a very good amount of calcium from Rajma.

calcium rich foods in india
4-Taro Root [Arbi] – Arbi is also a good source of calcium, making it with green chillies and eating it with roti is a different pleasure.

calcium rich foods in india
5- Banana – This is such a fruit which is full of energy and calcium is also found in very good quantity, we can easily include this fruit in the diet.

calcium rich foods in india
6- Custard Apple – This is also a very good source of calcium.

calcium rich foods in india
7- Dates – Dates are very tasty to eat, calcium and fiber are found in very good quantity. You can easily buy dates in the market and eat them and this is such a fruit which is full of energy and you can keep this fruit with you even while going on your journey and eat it very easily.

calcium rich foods in india
8- Lime– Lime contains calcium only, if you are deficient in calcium and want to make up for it very quickly, then take lime equal to a grain of wheat and dissolve it in a spoonful of water and drink it for a few days. Deficiency can be removed.

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9-Lotus Flower Seeds – Lotus flower seeds are also a very good way to meet calcium deficiency, though it is not easily available but calcium is found in good quantity.

10- Sesame laddoos – Calcium is found ten times more than milk in a til laddoos. Earlier, sesame laddoos were also there in our food plate, but now due to the changing lifestyle, there is a plate full of calcium, iron, and other minerals. She remained lost. This is very good sources of calcium rich foods in India . Once in day i will tell how you can make this .

calcium rich foods in india
If you drink one liter of milk, you will get only .9 grams of calcium. While 10 grams of calcium will be available in 1 kg of sesame seeds.

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Friends, there are some calcium rich foods in India . I am concerned about my health and everyone’s health, because of the quick changing lifestyle, many diseases come in our body very soon, so we have to return to natural foods to make our body strong and agile.

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