Hepatitis C virus • Protein • Hawaii .Liver disease

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As you know Hepatitis B and C is a main cause of liver cancer. According to Hawaii State Health Department across the U.S., Day by day increasing new case of Hepatitis C from 2015 to 2019.

DOH reported 50 % people with hepatitis C are unaware of their infection. So timely and completely testing is the first priority.

Hepatitis C is curable for people with in 12 weeks.but with out treatment about 20% people with chronic HCV infection will develop liver fibrosis and cirrhosis which can lead to death.

Both the CDC and the AASLD and IDSA  perceive HCV antibody screening followed by a satisfactory RNA test as best practice to recognise hepatitis C infection.

If you  confirmed with hepatitis C then you will feel like jaundice, fatigue,dark urine , gastrointestinal disease, joint pain , weight lose and lose of appetite.

Then you should Avoiding alcohol. Avoiding medicines. such as acetaminophen and some cholesterol drugs. Avoiding fried and processed foods.

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Avoiding foods with high iron. Getting regular exercise. Eating a balanced diet Staying hydrated.

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